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Everest Ayurveda

Everest Ayurveda is a Czech company based out of Prague, Czech Republic with production in Nepal and India. All their products are hand made using traditional methods of manufacturing. This not only keeps these ancient traditions alive in the 21st century but also gives you an authentic product that is made with love and concern by people who are proud of their traditions and way of life. 

My personal introduction to these products came about when I saw some of these teas in a café in New York of all places and was curious as to how something as traditional as Ayurveda made it all the way to a little café in Queens, New York. One thing lead to another and after a series of serendipitous encounters here I am not only having visited and made some cool mates in Czech Republic but also introducing these time tested products to Kiwis in New Zealand. 

Check out the video below of how these teas are made. More information can be found on our blog pages.

Video courtesy Everest Ayurveda Ltd, Czech Republic 


Everest Ayurveda Production