Collection: Allergen Detox Therapy Set

Hay fever, pollen and food allergies can be caused by phlegm in the stomach, weakened immunity, unhealthy diet or intolerance to a particular food ingredient, disorder of assimilation of nutrients, irritated intestinal mucosa, disturbed regeneration of intestinal flora and anxiety or stress.

In case of irritated nasal mucosa first use the combination of Dalchini together with Pranaprash for 1 month. Herbal infusion of Dalchini tea can also be used for effective additional inhalation as a part of Ayurvedic "nasya" therapy performed to cleanse the nasal cavities. 

If the food allergy is involved, first apply the combination of Ayurvedic tea Karavi and herbal elixir Purishaprash for 1 month. Use for a total of 2 months with the dietary regime.

1 x KARAVI has a positive effect upon the digestion of sensitive people

1 x INTESTINES AND ELIMINATION (Purishaprash) enhances purification of large intestine and restores the immunity of the intestinal flora

1 x DALCHINI improves patency of upper airways and soothes irritated mucous membrane of nasal cavities

1 x THROAT AND AIRWAYS HERBAL JAM (Pranaprash) maintains healthy functioning of the respiratory system

Allergen Detox Therapy Set