Collection: Intestinal Tract Detox Therapy Set

This Ayurvedic purifying treatment is suitable for the detoxification of the intestinal tract. The disorders of the colon are caused by improper diet, unhealthy daily routine, excessive use of stimulants, insomnia, stress, nervousness, fear, and lack of movement. Also disturbed regeneration of the intestinal flora, irritable intestinal mucosa and pollution of the large intestine as a result of stagnation of the toxic waste.

Use for a period of 1 to 3 months along with a strict dietary regime. 

1 x TRIPHALA is the most effective herbal combination for intestinal tract detoxification

1 x INTESTINES AND ELIMINAION HERBAL JAM (Purishaprash) supports purification of the large intestine and regular elimination

1 x HEALTH AND IMMUNITY HERBAL JAM (Chyavanprash) positively affects digestion, intestinal peristalsis and immunity of intestinal flora


Intestinal Tract Detox Therapy Set